Choosing the Best Christmas LED Lights (Guide for 2023)

With a wide variety of vibrant colours and a remarkable prolonged life, LED lights at Christmas or Halloween are more than just an energy-efficient option for your holiday lighting needs!

What are the Benefits of LED Lights?

Most people know that LED lights designed for holiday use, use very little electricity, but there are many more reasons to consider using them. In today’s article, we go over some of the grounds and technology outside the world of pixel lighting.

Connect More Light Strings

You can connect many more LED light strings using only one plug outlet. For example, most traditional Christmas mini lights allow you to connect only 4 or 5 sets end to end. With the new mini LED lights, you can combine literally dozens of them depending on the light count. This makes decorating large Christmas displays far easier.

Cool to the Touch

Thanks to their energy efficiency, LED lights produce next to no heat. This means they will remain always cool to the touch and safe for children and animals to be around. As a result of their temperature, they have recently been incorporated into Christmas inflatables as well.

Visually Distinct

LED lights produce a brighter and more vivid light than older and traditional incandescent bulbs. As a result, the light output is stunning and one of the world’s most complimented aspects of LED light shows.

An Incredible Long Life

Thanks to their engineered design, many LED light sets are rated to last tens of thousands of hours. Compared to a traditional set of incandescent mini lights, this is much longer. The older technology may last only a season or two.

Advances in LED Lights Technology and Innovative Designs

LED lights are available in a rainbow of colours and varieties. More recently options have featured unique lighting capabilities such as being dimmable and colour changing. The newest LED lights are even capable of thousands of colour combinations!

Summary: LED lights are much easier to use for large Christmas displays. They are safer, last longer, produce more vivid colours, and use up to 90% less energy. With so many benefits, you know why so many people have switched.

LED Lights – Strings

5mm LED Mini Lights – The 5mm LED lights are smaller than a traditional mini light, but don’t let that fool you. Its curved lens produces a starburst light halo that spreads light consistently in all directions. 5mm led minis are typically used for wrapping indoor and outdoor trees, wreaths and garlands.

G12 LED bulbs – Whether they remind you of dew drops or gum drops, G12 LED light strings are a fun addition to any colourful and unique display! Their diamond faceted bulb design creates a joyful light halo. Wrap a tree, light up bushes or wrap G12 LEDs around columns and railings.

M5 Mini Lights & T5 Mini Lights – New technology comes to a timeless design with these instant classic beauties! M5 & T5 LEDs are your replacement for older style incandescent mini lights and work well when wrapped around plants, porch columns, and indoor trees.

C6 LED Mini Lights – These are a decorator’s dream! C6 light strings are popular for outdoor bushes and trees because of their unique bulb-like shape. They can also be used for indoor decorating or party lighting.

C7 & C9 LED Lights – While researching C7 and C9 light strings, you will likely come across the phrase “prelamped LEDs.” The phrase simply means that the bulbs are not removable from the string. Prelamped LED strings are very convenient because they come ready to hang out of the package which makes for faster installation. C7 & C9 LED string lights are popular for lighting the roof, outlining the yard, and wrapping large outdoor trees.

LED Lights – Common Bulbs

Net Lights & Trunk Wraps – LED net lights and trunk wraps are the ideal solution when quick and even light coverage is needed. Net lights offer a simple and convenient way to wrap bushes and shrubs, while trunk wraps are great for covering tree trunks or branches.

LED Icicle Lights – One of the most popular LED outdoor Christmas light styles for lining eavestroughs or rooflines has been making its way indoors in recent years. At Rusty Griswold Light Display, we prefer to keep them outdoors traditionally but can appreciate how versatile they are. LED icicle lights are available in various colours and fun combinations like red and green for Christmas or orange and purple for Halloween!

Grand Cascades & Falling Icicles – An animated twist on the icicle string lights! Falling icicle bulbs can be used to mimic falling snow and dripping ice. Grand Cascade light tubes contain a row of diodes that light up and descend, creating the effect of shooting stars and snow showers!

LED Rope Light – A long-lasting LED rope light stays cool to the touch and gives off an exceptionally bright glow with a bulb every few centimetres! DIY decorators love the flexibility that tube lighting gives them to create custom patterns and designs. LED rope lights are also a great solution for lining walkways, decks, or stairs and works excellent indoors for accent lighting.

LED Strip Light – Versatile indoor lighting in an easy-to-use design. Simply remove the adhesive backing and stick it on hard surfaces to brighten your home or office with white and RGB led strip lights. This technology has been made very popular by recent TikTok trends.

LED Lights – Battery Operated

Battery Operated LED Mini Lights – Illuminate anything, anywhere! Thanks to the minimal amount of energy that the individual LED lights use, batteries last longer than ever in this efficient and versatile lighting solution. Choose battery-operated LED mini lights to brighten craft projects, Christmas wreaths and centrepiece decorations.

Fairy Lights – Small but mighty fairy lights feature tiny bulbs but don’t let their size fool you. They produce incredibly bright and glowing light! Choose between battery-operated and new plug-in options to safely wrap around greenery, illuminate glass jars or brighten craft projects.

Hands holding fairy lights.

In Canada, for decades the home for everything you need at Christmas time, in my opinion, has been Canadian Tire. Whether you are looking for simple gutter clips or extravagant smart lights, over the years, they have proven to carry quality products for everything you need. Other big-box stores that carries quality holiday lighting products include Home Depot, Lowes, and the independent Canadian hardware store of Home Hardware. (This is not an endorsement and I am not compensated by Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Lowes and/or Home Depot to mention them.)

NoteNeither Rusty Griswold’s Light Display nor its family members are certified, electricians. All values and certifications listed within this article or website should be independently verified by a certified electrician in your geographic area. We are not liable for any issue or problem that may arise as a result of the advice provided in this article or anywhere else on this website. We take Christmas Light safety seriously and have shared this as an opinion piece only.


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