How To Prepare For Christmas Like Martha Stewart

With the big day only double-digits away, it’s essential to start preparing now to ensure a fantastic journey to Santa’s next-stop Christmas! So we’ve outlined what you should prioritize each week in order to prepare for Christmas so you can be the most organized this year.

Not only will this six-week plan leave you more time to enjoy with family and friends, but you’ll be anxiety-free knowing you haven’t forgotten anything on Christmas Eve.

Next Stop Christmas – Six Weeks Out

With a month and a half to go, make sure you sit down and think about what you want to have for Christmas dinner. Are you going with the classic turkey, going old school with a Christmas goose, or do you need a vegan/vegetarian option?

Hopefully, you thought ahead and purchased frozen during Canadian Thanksgiving for Canadians wanting to serve turkey or goose. This is the most inexpensive time of year for giant poultry. If not, you may wish to order from your local butcher. Both butchers and supermarkets will be able to sort this out for you. Next, consider your side dishes because there are still plenty of bits and pieces you can pick up in advance, like crackers for a cheeseball or chocolates for the coffee table.

If you want to avoid crowds at grocery stores, remember you can book either a pickup or delivery time through most supermarkets now. In addition, most bigger stores allow you to make changes in your online order until the night before pickup/delivery, so it’s more about securing a timeslot than having everything locked online.

Six weeks in advance should leave you plenty of time to order an artificial Christmas tree if you don’t already have one. With so many supply-chain delays, having plenty of time to ensure you have a tree is essential. In addition, there are so many unique Christmas tree ideas that it’s worth allowing yourself time to pick the perfect centrepiece for the living room.

Five Weeks To Go

When there are five weeks to go before you can festively claim “next stop Christmas,” you should be thinking about getting online to order any outstanding gifts. Remember that the larger or more popular an item is, the more likely it will sell out in advance or have a longer lead time for delivery.

It’s time to find the best interior Christmas lights for your theme this year. First, unravel any current lights and tree decorations to see if anything needs to be repaired or replaced. If so, get out or order new ones as required. Similarly, check out your Christmas wrapping paper and Christmas card stash. If you are running low on either, ensure you get more so you don’t run out! These items don’t go bad, so don’t worry about buying extra. You can always use it next year!

November 25 Leaves One Month Left

You may feel it’s a bit early in November, but once the majority of your presents are purchased, start wrapping! Putting aside some time every day to wrap gifts will mean you will have one less thing to worry about with mere days to go. Now is a great time to start turning on your outside lights! With a month to go, you may as well enjoy the labour of love it was to set up your Christmas lights. After all, in our yearly journey, next stop CHRISTMAS!

Tick Tock, Three Weeks Left

If you are more of a conventionalist and prefer a real Christmas tree, now is the time to get one. Assuming the tree lot has cut the trunk before bringing it home, get it in water immediately. Also, make sure to add a particular Christmas tree additive. It will help prolong the life of your tree. Finally, allow at least 24 hours to enable branches to drop before you decorate your tree.

While the last dates for mailing cards vary year after year, it’s most likely time to get mailing Christmas cards and presents. Always check deadlines with the post office to ensure your cards or gifts arrive on time.

Collect outdoor foliage such as pine cones and evergreen branches to make your very own festive wreath. Of course, nothing says NEXT STOP CHRISTMAS more than homemade crafts. If you don’t have the time, no problem! Check out a local garden centre as most build them for purchase in advance.

Now is a great time to finalize your Christmas dinner shopping list. Make sure you’ve purchased everything you can in advance, added items to your online delivery, or have a final list of what you need closer to Christmas day. Also, tis the season to see the relatives you typically see once a year. Don’t forget to buy alcohol!

Getting Closer, Only Two Weeks Left

With only a couple of weeks left, we do not want surprises at this stage before our next stop Christmas! Double-check all your cookware and dishes, ensuring you have enough plates and glassware. Also, check that your cookware is large enough! The last thing you need is, on Christmas Eve, to learn that the turkey is too big for your roasting pan.

Don’t forget remedies for the inevitable headaches coming! Tylenol, Advil, or common cold medicine should be stocked and ready. If family or friends stay at your home over the holidays, get the spare room clean and clutter-free. Place new sheets on the bed, have clean towels ready, and don’t forget an extra blanket to keep guests cozy.

Don’t Panic; Only One Week To Go

Most likely, you have put this off, but it’s time to give the house a good old clean. Be sure to clean out the fridge so you can get all the food in it as it comes in. Do you have enough chairs for people at the dinner table? If you plan on borrowing anything from the neighbours, get it now, so it’s not a last-minute rush.

Get your final grocery items. Pick up your fresh food, bakery items, and all your vegetables. Don’t forget to bring your list to remember everything you need. Check grocery store holiday hours as most are open extra early so you can shop in peace! If you have a frozen turkey, you need around one day of defrosting in the fridge for every 4lbs. Never thaw a turkey outside of a refrigerator. Consult your local food guides to ensure food safety. For fresh birds, your butcher will typically have you pick it up with 2 or 3 days to go.

Christmas Eve – Next Stop Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and we are very prepared!

On December 24th, set the table in advance of tomorrow’s meal. Organize where you would like everyone to sit, and don’t forget the crackers! If you have any “lefties,” consider they will eat with their left hand when organizing the seating. You can also start prepping food items. Typically, you can start peeling vegetables and defrosting dainties. Depending on how you cook your main course, you might even be able to begin cooking on Christmas Eve.

Next Stop Christmas Day

You made it! Consider charging phones, tablets, cameras and other devices you’re likely to use throughout the day. And, of course, get all of your beverages on ice. This will ensure they are cool and ready for when guests arrive.

Well, bask in your glory because you did it! You were well organized using these Christmas countdown tips. So enjoy Christmas day, as it should run like clockwork.

Did I miss anything?

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