Secure Your Christmas Inflatables in 2023 (Proven Methods)

It’s no secret that we love our decorations at Rusty Griswold’s Light Display, and one thing we help others with is Christmas inflatables. With that said, there are some classy ones out there, and many of the methods we use to secure our props will also work when securing inflatables. So don’t let strong wind gusts deter you from adding Christmas inflatables to your display.

Properly securing your Xmas inflatables gives you peace of mind knowing your purchase won’t be damaged by inclement weather and makes your display safer. Today we have assembled a few tips for you to keep those inflatables secured and safe.

Selecting the Best Location for Christmas Inflatables

Since wind is your inflatable decoration’s biggest adversary, try to avoid placing them in the open. Whenever possible, inflatable Christmas decorations are best located on flat ground (not on a hill or rise) in a location protected from the wind. Look for the convenience of placing your inflatables next to a wall, fence, or bush. This will help eliminate or reduce some of the wind directly impacting your decoration. An object nearby can also help you anchor your Xmas inflatable decorations, leading us to our next tip.

Secure Them with Tent Pegs

When purchased, most inflatables come with thin aluminum pegs. I have found that these pegs are easy to wiggle free from the ground and I recommend you go out and get ground stakes or tent pegs instead.

Stakes are a better way to keep inflatable lawn decorations secure to the ground. Pound the stakes as far as possible and use the tether lines to connect the inflatable to the hooks on the pegs. Also, depending on the size of your inflatable, there are corkscrew pegs that screw into the ground. These are probably the best, but I would only recommend using these if ground stakes don’t work due to their price point.

Add Weight

Another way to secure giant Christmas inflatables or decorations is by weighing them down with bags of sand or gravel. Attach or tie the bag to the inflatable decoration using the tether rope or an additional line. Never rely on one tie-down; anchor your inflatable in several spots to keep it steady during strong wind gusts. Remember, the wind can come from any direction, so several secure points help to mitigate any risk.

Tie Christmas Inflatables Down Securely

As an alternative to ground stakes or weights, tie your Christmas inflatable to another nearby secure object, like a fence, porch railing, or tree. To do this, inflate the decoration and wrap twine or thin rope around the middle of the yard decoration. Wrap the string around the inflatable at least once, careful not to cut off the airflow. Then, tie it to a nearby object. If done correctly, you can sometimes use the rope as an added prop, like a snowman’s belt! Now it is multi-purpose.

Additional Security

Mother nature isn’t the only thing that can whisk away your outdoor lawn decorations. Xmas decorations can sometimes come with a hefty price tag, making them a target of opportunity for thieves. However, you can make your Christmas inflatable harder to carry by fastening them to a secure object like a porch rail or light pole with a standard bicycle lock or chain.

Another method is to place Christmas yard decorations near motion-sensor lights or outdoor security cameras for added security. In 2022, there are many cost-effective weather-resistant cameras available. The ones we use at the Rusty Griswold Light Display are made by the great folks at Wyze. Be sure to check out their website here for more information on their products.

Christmas inflatable decorations can make a great addition to your outdoor Xmas display. Protecting your decorations from harsh winter winds helps ensure they will brighten your yard year after year and raise your Christmas spirit.


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    Since 2015, I have been building my light display to celebrate the holiday season and experimenting with various recipes to bring people together around the table. I have learned many do's and don'ts in both areas along the way, and share them with everyone via the website. M Mike
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