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Would you like to write for us and submit an article to one of the largest Holiday sharing communities on the internet? At RustyGriswold.ca, you can join our Guest Posting Service and reach a larger audience with your opinions and ideas. And when we say “holiday,” we don’t mean only Christmas. We welcome any articles related to Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, Los Posadas and more!

RustyGriswold.ca strives to be an all-inclusive holiday-sharing platform. We recognize we are not experts in all holidays and wish to engage the proper subject matter experts to share articles. Our website was originally registered in 2018, so we welcome you to leverage an already-established holiday website receiving thousands of visitors a month. In addition to having your article posted on our website, we will share it on our social media channels, Facebook and Twitter. Finally, we will be sure to give you a backlink to your website, improving the overall web presence of your very own site.

Guidelines For A Guest Post

  1. You have total creative control over your submission. Come up with an engaging topic in which you have some expertise that interests readers.
  2. Submit an article that contains research and effort. It should also contain at least one related image and/or video to which you have the right to use. All content, including media, should be unique or under a Creative Commons license. All submissions will be referred for a plagiarism check before posting. Any article scoring 5% or higher on a plagiarism check will be rejected.
  3. Please conduct a spell check and grammar check before submitting.
  4. All articles require a minimum of 1,000 words.
  5. Please include an author bio with your submission. Bio should not exceed 50 – 70 words. We invite you to promote your website.
  6. Send your completed article along with your bio to article@rustygriswold.ca. We ask for up to three business days for review.
  7. All approved articles will receive an email response, so use a valid address when submitting.

Not all submissions will be published. RustyGriswold.ca reserves the right to remove articles at any given time without warning.