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Christmas Light Display

Established in 2015 as a stand-alone Christmas Light Show, our Burlington Christmas Light House has now morphed into a holiday fantasy of lights during the winter holiday season! 

So whether you are checking out displays in Milton, Hamilton, Mississauga, or Oakville, or simply want something to check out around the GTA, be sure to come to see the Rusty Griswold Light Display and enjoy our dancing lights of Christmas this year in 2022.

We are closer than you think! Just search for Christmas Lights near me.

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Mike Madole

aka Rusty Griswold

Who is Rusty Griswold?

Hi there.  I’m Mike M., and I live in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.  Like many others, I am also inspired by the movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  By building my Christmas light display each year, I try to recapture the excitement and magic of Christmas morning for kids.  Now as an older kid, I’m sharing my enthusiasm for the season through Christmas lights.  Although my display pales in comparison to other productions, I’m quite proud of what the Rusty Griswold Light Display has become during the Christmas season, and that is why I have chosen the pseudonym of Rusty Griswold.

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What They Say - Verified Reviews

“It was a wonderful experience, we tuned into fm104.9 as indicated on a sign there. And enjoyed the show cozily from our car.. my kids loved it a lot.. we stayed there for 5 or 6 songs.. we drove to a couple more houses and drove back to this house for one last song.. this time kids walked out, songs and lights are synchronized.. and amazing!!”

Aneeqa Saeed - Google Review

“Every year my family stop by and look and listen to this amazing light display. Last year we were even lucky to meet the guy who does all the work. I look forward to next year and what additions he has done! Thank you for this amazing Christmas lights display he puts on!”

Michael Wilson - Google Review

“Mind blowing how good this was. I loved driving by. It was definitely worth driving by and checking it out. Kudos to the family running this, thank you fo keeping the Christmas spirit alive!!!!”

Balraj Kullar - Google Review