Pixel Power Usage and Cost Calculator

Calculate the actual amount of wattage used by a prop, a series of props, or your entire light show based on the pixel count and other variables.*

Enter Rate per KwH as a decimal. For example, $0.12/KwH should be entered as either 0.12 or .12

* power usage for 5v pixels at 100% brightness is 0.06 watts, and 12v pixels at 100% is 0.18 watts. Different pixels from vendors may vary slightly; however, these usage numbers are typical of most. Other variables, such as controller or power supply consumption, is also not accounted for in the calculation. The power usage calculator on this website is for estimation purposes only. The results provided by the calculator should not be used as a definitive guide for determining power supply requirements or energy costs. Actual power usage may vary depending on various factors, including but not limited to the specific type of Christmas light pixels used, the controller or power supply used, and environmental conditions. Always consult a qualified electrician or technician to determine your specific power supply requirements and ensure that your Christmas light display is safe and compliant with all applicable regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the calculator provide information on the required power supply for my LED pixel project?

No, the calculator only provides information on your LED pixel project’s estimated power usage and cost. Using the Pixel Power Supply Calculator is recommended to calculate the required number of power supplies for your project.

Can I use the calculator for projects that require multiple power supplies?

The usage and cost calculator only takes into consideration the power requirements of pixels and not of the other components, such as controllers or power supplies.

Can I use the calculator for projects that require different brightness levels at different times of the day?

The calculator provides the estimated power usage and cost based on the selected brightness level and hours of use. Suppose your project requires different brightness levels at varying times of the day. In that case, it is recommended to calculate the estimated power usage and cost for each period separately and add the values together.

Rusty Burlington

Special thanks to Madole Labs for the code to run this calculator.