Pixel Power Supply Amps Calculator - Free Tool

By entering the quantity of power supplies and the wattage value, this calculator can determine the number of amps drawn from your electrical outlet, assuming a worst-case scenario where the power supply is operating at 100% capacity.

If you are located in Canada or the USA, it is recommended you use the following values in your calculation:

If you are unsure of any value or calculation, please consult with a certified electrician. Although we try to be as accurate as possible with our calculator, safety must ALWAYS be considered first.

Why do I need to use a pixel power supply amp draw calculator?

Using a pixel power supply amp draw calculator can help you ensure that you are providing enough power to your pixel lights and can prevent electrical issues and malfunctions. It will also ensure you are safely within the boundaries and capabilities of a circuit.

What factors affect the power requirements of a pixel light display?

The power requirements of a pixel light display are affected by the number of pixels, the type of pixels, the brightness level, the gauge of wire being used, and the cable length between the power supply and the pixels.

How accurate is the power supply amp draw calculation?

The power supply amp draw calculation is an estimate based on a set of assumptions and averages. The actual power requirements may vary depending on factors such as the specific type of pixel used and the cable quality. The calculation result can be considered 98% accurate. For close to 100% accuracy, ALWAYS consult with a certified electrician.

Rusty Burlington

Special thanks to Madole Labs for the code to run this calculator.