Pixel Power Supply Calculators - Free and Accurate Tools

The calculators found on this page will help you determine:

  • How many pixels can run off of a particular power supply.
  • How many power supplies are required to run a specific number of pixels.

Please note all calculations return values assuming full white for all pixels and a maximum 80% load on power supplies or outlets. An accepted general rule for electricity is to never exceed 80% of the capacity of a power supply or AC circuit.

Pixel Count Per Power Supply

Power Supplies Needed

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use these calculators for non-LED pixel projects?

Both calculators are specifically designed and programmed for LED pixel projects and may not be suitable for other types of projects.

Does the calculator take into account any voltage drop along the LED strip or wire?

No, the calculators assume no voltage drop along the LED strip or wire. It is recommended to add a safety margin or use thicker wires to account for any voltage drop that may occur.

Can I use the calculator for AC-powered LED pixel projects?

No, the calculator is designed for Direct Current (DC) powered LED pixel projects. If your project uses AC-powered LED pixels, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer’s instructions or a qualified electrician for power supply requirements.

Rusty Burlington

Special thanks to Madole Labs for the code to run this calculator.