Holiday Fitness Made Easy: Your Ultimate Guide

Every time the Christmas season rolls around, it is easy to believe that Christmas calories don’t count! Yet, every bit of discipline you’ve had throughout the year with things like meeting New Year’s resolutions, eating healthily, and working out at the gym gives way to Christmas merriments, making it difficult to get in shape during Christmas.

By all means, almost anything is okay in moderation. Never feel guilty about participating in the holiday festivities and indulging a little bit. But you should also try to do what’s necessary to maintain your established healthy habits even if your routine has been interrupted. The good news is it’s still imaginable to remain in shape during Christmas.

So as you begin your preparations for planning the Christmas feast, wrapping treasures, and enjoying the occasional libation, why not try these steps to ensure your health remains a priority?

Get Out In Person to do Christmas Shopping

We find ourselves in the digital age; it’s simple to do all the Christmas shopping online from a tablet or laptop on the couch. But, while it’s convenient and efficient, it removes us from the physical enjoyment of “hands-on” and an accidental workout!

  • Find the largest mall in your town/city and wander around searching for gifts for family and friends.
  • Visit various malls to find the best discounts – and covertly, the fitness paybacks.
  • Wear leg weights during your travels to obtain the added benefit of toned legs and additional cardio.

Keep Healthy Snacks Around to Remain in Shape During Christmas

While sitting with family watching classic Christmas movies or driving around looking at Christmas lights, you’ll likely want to have something to nibble on. I’m here to tell you that you can do that! It’s essential to make sure they’re healthy choices, though, and nothing you’ll feel guilty about down the road.

  • Nuts and seeds are excellent fibre, healthy fats, and protein sources.
  • Avoid even having unhealthy snacks in the house. If something is around when you are hungry, you’ll likely eat it. Remember that when shopping for snacks at the grocery store.

Participate in Daytime Events

Events or get-togethers that occur late at night or in the evening don’t leave much time for movement once they end. Instead of gathering later in the day with friends and family, consider getting together for brunch. A daytime occurrence allows more time to burn calories before bedtime, helping you remain in shape during Christmas.

  • Depending on your current weather climate, have your friends over to a backyard Christmas bbq. Of course, the warmth and sunshine are more likely to have you mobile.

Go Potluck for Dinner on Christmas Day and Remain in Shape During Christmas

There is nothing better than leftovers after Christmas dinner. Regrettably, leftovers can lead to you overeating. So instead of putting together an entire feast, why not ask friends to bring a dish and potluck on Christmas Day? You will find this to result in fewer leftovers and the added benefit of less expense.

The surefire way to remain in shape during Christmas is to avoid all the fun events. But let’s get real; that is unrealistic and not an option. Christmas comes around only once a year and is meant for all to enjoy the time. Just be sure you are making wise decisions amid the festivities considering your health and fitness. Merry Christmas and Happy holidays!


  • Rusty Griswold

    Since 2015, I have been building my light display to celebrate the holiday season and experimenting with various recipes to bring people together around the table. I have learned many do's and don'ts in both areas along the way, and share them with everyone via the website. M Mike
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